5 Tips To Declutter Your Home

It's no coincidence that if you are in a dark, cluttered space that you don't feel the greatest. Like Pinksy said, "The space in which you spend your time greatly affects your wellbeing." And boy if that isn't RIGHT!!!! Almost everyone has got that super nasty overwhelming feeling while in a room that is dirty and extremely cluttered. So today, I've come up with 5 tips on how to better declutter your home! 

1. Make A Plan 
This sounds easy right? Well honestly, you're right! It's SO SIMPLE to say you're going to do something, but it's just as easy for that plan to fall through. Believe it or not, it was once proven that someone who is willing to sit down and write down an actual plan is more likely to check almost, if not everything, off of their list. So sit sit and compile a list of everything that you want to get down and in what order you plan on doing each task in. Trust me, you will feel so much better and more on track with getting things done! Plus, it's such a great feeling to cross things off of a list! 

2. Listen To Something Motivating 
Whether it's music, a podcast, the TV in the background, or just anything in general that you like hearing... put it on! A great thing about podcasts is that they can be super motivating AND funny at the same time. And it's widely known that music can improve your mood easily and allow you to have fun while completing tasks you normally don't enjoy. From personal experience, music was the ONLY thing that kept me from submerging myself in complete darkness in mid-2019. It is so powerful and can make anyone feel empowered and alive. So anything that will keep you feeling busy and happy while decluttering, put it on and enjoy being in the moment! 

3. Divide And Conquer 
Plan out which room you start out with and go down the list one at a time. Only focus on one task/room at a time so you don't get overwhelmed. For us "list people" taking one thing at a time allows us to mark off each thing individually which leaves the feeling of accomplishment and pure joy (for myself especially).

Along with taking it one at a time, make sure to plan out to give yourself breaks. Whether it's as simple as being on your phone for 5 or so minutes or even simply getting a snack, you will come back feeling refreshed and ready to finish the job. In school, when there is standardized testing going on, they have to give every student at least 15 minutes to refresh themselves and regroup before moving onto another test/section. This is because it has been scientifically proven that doing too much at once causes a decrease in performance and success rate. So it's extremely important to give yourself breaks even when you're simply cleaning/decluttering your home. 

4. Any Surface That Collects Clutter, Take 5 Minutes To Clear It Off 
I know that no matter what I do, either my kitchen table or kitchen counters always seem to collect THE MOST clutter. Honestly, at least once a week I just get so frustrated by the clutter that I will just throw everything away. DON'T DO THAT!! 

Taking 5 simple minutes out of my day to clear off the clutter in those certain spots leaves me feeling so good. I'm no longer aggrivated and bothered by the clutter. Instead, I feel like my kitchen space is open and so welcoming. No matter where your "clutter spots" are, every single day just take 5 minutes maximum and clear them off. It will make you feel so much better!! 

5. Make Yes And No Piles 
And last but not least, make yourself two easy piles... the "yes" pile and "no" pile. With these, if you aren't already aware, you need to ask yourself if you love the item you are trying to decide on and just how often you use it. If the answer is negative, it goes in the "no" pile to be donated, thrown away, or given to family/friends. If the answer is positive, you keep it and either put it where it came from or put it somewhere else that you can easily access it. If the item is sentimental to you, create a labeled container and place the item in there to be put away safely. That way it's organized and not visibly in your way if you are not going to be using it. 

I hope that some of these tips are found to be helpful for some of you. I know that I definitely use these tips at least once a week when it's time to deep clean and clear out my home. If you guys can think of any other tips, leave them in the comments! Have a wonderful day everyone! 

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