A Year Out of High School

A year out of high school... wow. It seems like just yesterday I was walking into those front doors beginning my freshman year. It's crazy how life goes by so quickly. One second you're entering the world as a newborn, and the next you're working your very first full-time time job. I wish that Allie from a year ago could see where she'd end up just a short year later. 

High school is one of the greatest times of your life. You're starting to become independent, you understand more on deeper levels rather than just the surface level, and you get to actually enjoy everything in life to the full capacity. I was terrified to grow up as a kid, and sometimes I still am, because who's not? Although, now I understand the way that the world works and I'm not so afraid anymore. Why? Because I've grown up and have learned so much in just a few short years that getting older doesn't seem as scary anymore. 

Fast forward from freshman year, and it's now the beginning of my senior year. This is the second most exciting day of my life, after graduation of course. My mom's crying before my siblings and I leave for school. This is the day that she hoped wouldn't come for a very long time, but sadly in a blink of an eye, it's here. Just a quick note about my mom, she is the MOST amazing person in my life. Her heart is huge and so full of love for everyone. If you've ever met my mom, you know exactly what I'm talking about. And if you haven't met my mom yet, just you wait... she will bring a certain light to your life that you never knew you needed.

Anyway, I'm at school now. It's so exciting because friends are meeting up after not seeing each other all summer! This year was different for me though. I knew my people. I had an amazing fiance named Cade, a best friend named Hanah, all of my girls from my cheer squad, and my band people that I've been with since the sixth grade. It's 8 o'clock in the morning and the final bell rings. The intercom rings and it's time for our morning announcements, but this time, we're the ones being congratulated for making it to senior year. The class of 2019, the same group of kids I've known for what feels like forever. It's finally our turn, and we couldn't be more ready. 

Fast forward again, and now months have gone by; its graduation day! Things in my life are different now. I'm no longer engaged, I'm a Dover High School Cheer and Band Alumni, and I'm getting ready to say goodbye to everyone I've been with for the last 13 years. Today is the day that the class of 2019 has waited for! It's our time to shine for one last time. I've never felt more ready in my life than I have at that moment when I am waiting for my name to be called so I can walk across the stage and get my diploma. Hearing the words, "Congratulations to the class of 2019, you are now Dover High School Alumni," filled my body with excitement and warmth. I am now officially a "has-been," and I'm so okay with it.

As a teenager, you go through many different trials. There are lessons to be learned, and sometimes you just have to keep making the same mistake to learn just exactly what you're supposed to. That isn't me though; I'm the girl that people would call a "goody-two-shoes." The first mistake I made was surrounding myself with people who didn't truly have my best intentions at heart. I let them influence me and treat me wrong, causing me to honestly be the worst person I could be. But on that day, walking across the stage... I felt free. Free from everything and everyone that was bad. This was probably the greatest moment of my life. 

Fast forward (again... I know there's a lot of these) to August and now I'm in college. Not my best time honestly and that's okay! College isn't for everyone so there's no need to feel bad if you need to do what's best for you and change something. Trust me, I thought the world was going to end if I changed my mind on college, but instead my life only got better. Now I'm working my dream job here at Alethes Realty, I'm closer than ever with my family and friends, and currently, as we're speaking, moving into my first home with the love of my life. So life is crazy and very strange in many ways, but also so very amazing. I am happier than I've been before and if Allie from exactly one year ago could see me, she wouldn't believe her eyes. I've learned so much, grown more than I could've ever imagined, and become the best version of myself, and continue to do so! A year out of high school has made me a better me and I can't wait to see what this next year brings!

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