Post-Holiday Organization Tips

2021 is here and it's time to get this year started with our best foot forward. After making it through the holidays, I think we're all more than ready to detox and declutter our home, right? As long as you can take a few spare minutes to discard anything you don't use as often as you should and put away those holiday decorations that you've had up for over a month, your home will be looking spiffy in a matter of time!

The Takedown

We all have those holiday decorations we dread hauling out of storage every single year, and that's to be expected. There's a tradition that my in-laws have where all of their family members get 2-3 new and "unique" ornaments for the tree. It sounds super sweet and merry, but it really is just a pain when you end up with more ornaments than any essential items for everyday life. What's important about the takedown of your decorations is that you will need to go through every single item and make the ultimate decision of stash, or trash. Which items will you keep and reuse happily? What items are you more than willing to get rid of? 

What to Trash:

  • Those ornaments you never really loved, but hung up anyway.
  • Anything that doesn't suit your taste for this year.
  • Any broken or duplicate ornaments, they have to go. 
  • Leave those pillows and pictures you don't like behind.

Store Decorations in Order of Use

Stashing your various boxes, bins, and bags of decorations is a simple, but pleasant, way to clean up. If you have a certain order of the way you like to decorate, let's say by putting up the tree, store everything that doesn't have to do with the tree first so the tree and ornaments are the easiest to access for the next year. 

Store the Decor:

  • Wrap your lights around old wrapping paper tubes so they don't tangle. 
  • Reuse any holiday popcorn/cookie tins to store any ornaments that aren't fragile. 
  • Color-code your storage items so they can be easily associated with the contents and the different uses they have. 
  • Make sure to label all of your storage bins by name/color/use. 

Deal with the Unwanted

It's no secret that every year there are at least one or two gifts that someone gives you that will either not be used, or that you just aren't fond of no matter how hard you try to like it. There's no need to feel guilty and hoard unwanted gifts when someone else could put them to good use. The best way to handle anything that's not wanted is to gather whatever the item may be and go make a donation. Not only are you benefitting from donating, but someone in need will be benefitting as well. So don't guilt-trip yourself if you don't love something, give those who will love it no matter what it is. 

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