What To Look For In A Realtor

Buying a home is stressful, time-consuming, and extremely exhausting. You shouldn't have to do it alone... in fact, DON'T do it alone. Find a real estate agent that you can put your full trust into that will make the home buying process a whole lot less stressful. Today, I will be giving you just a few tips/advice on what you should look for when choosing an agent that will represent you in one of the biggest investments of your life. 

1. Choose The Person, Not The Experience 
Everyone knows that having experience in any line of work is great to have! However, in the real estate industry, having a massive amount of experience is not always the most important thing. Sure they can have the experience, but are they going to be the best person to represent you? You need to ask yourself, "Who's representing me... the experience, or the person?" 

It's important that you choose who works best for you and with you. Look for how your personalities mesh. If every conversation just feels forced and just not right, then you definitely will know your personalities will not go well together. So make sure that you're going to be choosing someone who is 100% relatable and real with you! 

2. Find Someone Who Has Your Best Interests At Heart
This is probably one of, if not the biggest, things you need to look for. You want someone who is going to be completely transparent and honest with you. I know that we've all heard the phrase, "Honesty is the best policy." Well, in this case, you DEFINITELY want nothing but straight up honesty from your realtor. They're going to be the person handling everything when it comes to communicating with the other side of the deal, and if they're not honest with you to the fullest extent, things could go very wrong. 

Not only should they be transparent and honest, but they should NEVER have their own agenda that they're constantly trying to push onto you. It's not very common that you will come in contact with someone who is only about closing a deal and getting a paycheck, but they do exist so always be aware of that. If at any time you feel as if they are constantly pushing, pressuring, and/or rushing you to make a decision and close on a home, get away from them. They are not about helping you and finding your perfect fit. 

3. Make Sure They Are Great At Communicating 
So this kind of goes along with everything I've already said. If they are transparent, honest, and is someone who is going to work best for and with you... they will communicate with you. It's one of those things where they should communicate so much with you that you feel as if you're right there working right alongside them. 

If you have any questions, they should respond immediately with an answer or at least some sort of answer. If you have concerns, they should be there to listen and talk with you in order to fully understand just how you feel. No matter what is going on, your realtor should make you feel informed and comfortable. 

4. Know That They're Compassionate and Understanding
Most of all, find someone who is going to be compassionate and understanding to any and all situations that are current or may pop up during the process. If they are truly going to be the best fit for you, you will know by how they react and interact with you throughout everything. If something goes wrong, it's okay. They will make it known that it is okay. When something exciting and amazing happens, they will be so happy and excited for you! It should be more about building a real, and true relationship with you rather than just "doing business." 

I hope you guys can take a few of these tips and feel a lot better when choosing someone as your realtor. Here at Alethes Realty, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond the norms when working with our clients. If you're wanting to buy a home, we'd love for you to give us a chance. Have a great day! 

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